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Feature & Broadcast Credits

"Sacrifice" Zed Filmworks (SFX, Ambience Editing)

"The Boy She Met Online" Imagination Worldwide (SFX, Ambience Editing)

"My Family's Secret" Dark Places Productions (SFX, Ambience Editing)

"The Contract" Cut To The Horse Productions (Music Editing)

"Francoeur" Charbonneau Productions 44 half hour Episodes (SFX, Ambience, Foley Editing)

"Starhunter" CHUM Television 14 hour long episodes (Dialog Editing)

"Loving Spoonfuls" Indivisual Productions 24 half hour episodes (Dialog, Music, SFX Editing & Final Mix)

"Puppets Who Kill" PWK Productions 13 half hour episodes (Assistant Mix Engineer)

"Arrival 2" Artisan Entertainment (Sound Department Assistant)