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Free SFX Pack Downloads

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    Legacy Sound Packs

    These sound packs were originally only available to the first 40 people to download them when they were first featured on this blog in 2011. Now they are available to all. These are more extensive packs featuring many takes and files.
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    Azimuth Audio EULA

    By downloading any Files from this site you are excepting the terms within.
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    Hot Air Balloon Burner

    20 Blasts from the burners of a hot air balloon. Flame Throwers in the sky! Read more here .
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    Here are some Hummingbird Wing recordings. A blog post on how these sounds were captured can be on this page
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    Location Recording

    These are examples of the documents I wrote about in a blog post at this page
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    Magnet Board

    The Classic cartton sound of metal twangs. Read about the recording process on this page
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    A small collection of analog synth sounds made with a Moog MG-1 Concertmate and a SIEL Cruise. These sounds are great starting points for some fun sound design tweaking. A blog post about these sounds and the synths that made them can be found on this page
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    THEREMIN for Sound

    A collection of noises made with a toy theremin. Read about origin of these sounds on this page