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Custom SFX Recording by Azimuth Audio

Can't find that perfect sound for your project?  SFX Library material just not getting the job done?

Azimuth is here to help.  We have an extensive collection of microphones and gear that can capture the exact sounds you are looking for.   With experience recording custom sounds for major motion pictures, with "A" list cast members, all the way down to indie documentaries - Azimuth can add sonic value to your production.  

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The Azimuth Audio microphone locker is chalk full of options to capture the sounds your project needs.  Featuring shotguns (both stereo and mono), contact,  boundary, large diaphragm, miniature condensers, hydrophone, and many other high quality specialized microphones.  All top brands are represented as well.  Neumann, DPA, Sanken, Crown, Rode and more are at your disposal.