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Spring has Sprung!

This past winter has been a tough one for a lot of people in my city.  It has snowed a lot, and has been pretty consistently cold straight through from late november until about last week. Although this is pretty much what you can expect when you live in Canada, the reality is that the weather is rarely as constant as it was this winter.  Normally there are warm patches sprinkled in throughout the winter, obviously I am not referring to swim suit weather but frequently the temperature creeps up above freezing and the sun comes out for a week to re-energize the populace.  That never seemed to happen this winter though, sadly it did not bother me too much since I had a very very busy winter work wise and was mostly in dark rooms 7 days a week editing away, but I know others were really beaten down by the winter here.  And that is why it was such a relief to see and hear the first birds popping back into town recently.

Last week I was in the back yard early one morning, when I looked up and saw an amazing Cardinal sitting in one of our trees - just singing away.  I quickly ran inside to grab my my mic and field recorder, assuming that by the time I got back and was ready to record the cardinal would be long gone, but luck was on my side and the little fella stayed around awhile.  This is no great recording as there is ample traffic noise and some contruction going on down the street but I just thought I would throw this up to prove spring is actually on its way.

Spring Birds by azimuthaudio


About half way through the recording the cardinal flew away and immediately a different bird piped up and started chirping away, it must have been deep in a tree because I never saw it to snag a picture, so I can not identify it.  I am not what you would call an avid bird enthusiast.