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25 Useful Links for Recording Vehicles  

This summer I am going to be doing my first attempt at full coverage vehicle recording.  I will be recording an Argo 6 wheel off road vehicle.  For those not familiar with the machine here is a clip of an Argo in action that I found via a search on YouTube:

The clip features an 8 wheel version of the Argo but I think it gets the idea across of the fantastic vehicle I will be recording.  Since this will be my first time co-ordinating a vehicle record, I have done some research online.  I have been looking to get any hints or helpful techniques I can come across.  Luckily there seems to be a fair amount of information on full coverage car and truck recording to be found online.  Not surprisingly since there is a lot of need for such sounds in most films and especially racing games.  I could not find any articles about recording all-terrain vehicles specifically, but I did find a bunch of writing on capturing the sounds of tanks and other military vehicles. 

I thought I would save any one else the trouble of sourcing out this information for themselves in the future. So here is a list of all the links I came across in my research.  Some articles are extremely useful and detailed while others are less in depth, I think they all offer something helpful though.  After absorbing them all, over a few reading sessions, I think I am getting a pretty good handle on what I will be up against.  My research timing was perfect, as vehicle recording seems to be a hot topic this spring, since many of these links have been published over the last couple weeks or months.

These articles run the gamut from writings on sessions undertaken with large crews and big budgets, all the way down to people simply doing test sessions to get a feel for the process.  If anyone knows of any other sites that are not listed here please let me know in the comments.  I will keep this page up to date as new info is published and brought to my attention by the sound community.


This article by Rob Nokes seems to be a bit of a master class in the whole process.

This group of links will be extremely helpful for the level of coverage I am planning to record:

Varun Nair's Re-Sounding blog takes a first time stab at recording a car

Rene Coronado did an excellent 3 part series on recording a specific truck that was featured in a film he was sound editing.  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Music of Sound did an excellent post on recording the tire noise only from a vehicle. 

There used to be a blog called called, I think it was run by Enos Desjardins.  It had a great post on his experience recording his own car.  Sadly the site is down now.  Strangely I printed out the post before it was taken down, so I still have a copy of it.

Jetstreaming did an interesting blog post featuring a short photo stream with pictures of microphone placement for one of Paul's auto recording sessions.  


Here are a bunch of links for sessions recording Motorcycles:

Colin Hart wrote an article about a last minute session recording a Yamaha R1.  Plus it features a free download of the sounds that were captured during the session.

Music of Sound has another post on Tim Prebble's experience recording rare motorcycles for the feature film The World's Fastest Indian.

Rene and his the sound my head makes blog recently posted this on recording a Honda VTX1300.

Recording a Triumph Motorbike

Michael Raphael recording a Jet Bike!?


Here are some sessions done with Dyno machines and serious budgets:

Recording high end cars for Forza Motorsport II

A step by step of how to do a big budget vehicle recording session by Charles Deenen.

David Nichols did a kickstarter to do a dyno session and did a blog on the results.

Track Time Audio's interview with Max Lachmann of Pole Position Productions.

Track Time Audio's interview with Mark Knight of Codemasters


Links for Military Vehicle Recording:

Video showing a session recording tanks and lots more for the game Operation: Flashpoint

A interview with Rabbit Ears Audio about the Military Vehicle SFX Library


Here are a few SoundWorks Collection videos on vehicle heavy films.


Cars 2


Videos by Watson Wu 

Mini Cooper, Muscle Cars and Trucks, & Ferrari Enzo.


Finally I will link to my own post on a test recording I did recently to help prepare my process for the upcoming Argo recording session.