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Stomach Rumbling


Recently my wife was complaining of a sore stomach at around 2am and instead of asking what I could do to help, I darted out of the room and came back with my recording rig and a contact mic (Aqarian Audio H2a-XLR Hydrophone).  It turns out her stomach was not upset in a very dramatic fashion in terms of the audio it was producing.

Ehrin Belly by azimuthaudio

So I slapped the mic on my stomach and realized it was a gold mine.  My stomach was not upset at all but it was rumbling up a storm.  

Timothy Belly by azimuthaudio

 While I was at it I put the mic on my chest to grab some heartbeat sounds.  If you have a sub woofer take a listen through it because my heart was pounding out the lowend.  Strangely about 10 seconds into this clip my heart kind of stutters a bit.  Maybe I am going to have to keep tabs on this.

Heartbeat by azimuthaudio