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Free Sound Effects

I am excited to announce a new initiative here at If you look up in the top right corner on this site, from now on you will find a link for “Free SFX Pack Downloads”.  In it you will be able to find small collections of free sounds that I will be posting there from time to time.  In the past I have posted “Limited Edition” sound packs that were only available to the first 40 people to click on the download.  These were snatched up quickly and have been out of circulation for over a year. Those downloads included some of the following great recordings:

Cringer the Cat: an extremely irritable feline that loved to let you know when he was nearby with attitude filled meows and other vocalizations.

Arctic Terns: angry, territorial birds recorded on a small island off the northern coast of Iceland. 

and Fireworks: launched off of a frozen river in an isolated area of northern Canada on New Years Eve.  

Now all these recordings are back up on this site and available for download to everyone.  You can find them in the folder called “Legacy Sound Packs” on the download page.  A standard End Users License Agreement applies, you are free to use them in your productions any way you please as long as you don’t re-circulate them or re-package and distribute them.

In the future I will be adding more packs to the download page on this site, and they will all be accompanied by blog posts illustrating how the sounds were recorded.  It is my sincere hope that everyone can add the new sounds to their personal libraries and get some use out of them.  They should all be delivered as .wav files at a minimum of 96k (sometimes higher) and 24bit, with Soundminer embedded metadata.

All I ask in return for the free sounds is that you either sign up for the RSS feed for this blog or follow @azimuthaudio on Twitter.  This will ensure you don't miss out on any future Free Sound Packs.  If you are already doing one or the other then you are good to go.

If you do use these sounds in a production of some kind I would love to hear about it, either via the comments section on the blog or by hitting me up on Twitter.

Happy sound editing everyone, have fun with these sounds and keep your digital eyes peeled for future free sound packs.